Sunday, July 15, 2012


Huron, Ontario, Michigan, Erie and Superior.....Our 5 Great Lakes.
My boyfriend, Jay, recently returned from a business trip he took to North Carolina.  Saturday, as we were swimming at the Genev-on-the-Lake township beach, Jay said he was asked about the "Big Lakes" while he was down there.  Someone wanted to know what they looked like.  He told them, it's like looking at the can't see across them or where they end.  I sometimes forget how lucky we are to have this opportunity right in our "back yard". 
The 5 lakes form the largest group of fresh water lakes on Earth and they comprise 21% of the world's surface fresh water.  They are sometimes referred to as the North Coast or the "Third Coast" by some U.S. Citizens. 
Some people have mixed opinions when it comes to swimming in our lake, Lake Erie, but I for one love to enjoy a relaxing day of hanging out at the beach, swimming, picnicking, playing volleyball and enjoying our long awaited summer weather. We typically visit Fairport Harbor's beach or Mentor Headlands or Geneva on the Lake. (Unfortunately, even though I live in Eastlake--which has the name "lake" in it....I do not have easy access to the beaches.) Walking/Jogging on the beach is a great calorie burner as well as kayaking and swimming.  Jet skiing, boating and skiing are also well loved lake activities, as long as you have access to that type of equipment--or know someone who does.  Fishing can be enjoyed from the shore--the "Eastlake Wall" is a popular spot or from a boat or charter  One of my classmates told us his fishing charters are booked well through August--Jay and some buddies quickly grabbed one of his last open dates for the middle of August. 
The lake can also be a peaceful time to just sit and enjoy it's beauty.  I have seen plenty of gorgeous sunsets right on our little Lake Erie, that can take your breath away.  If it's been awhile since you've enjoyed a day at the beach or watched a beautiful sunset, go enjoy our natural resource that we are privileged to have easy access to.
If you would like more information on fishing charters, you can contact Captain Rick Hildebrand at DB Sport Fishing Charters, Madison Oh, 1-800-769-1750.

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